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Want to make room in your closet
and make money out of it?
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Welcome to MINE

Mine is not only a website where you can buy cool fashion – you can also send items through us that you don’t use and receive money in return.

MINE is an exclusive community of fashion lovers that enjoy buying and selling fashion items.

MINE is an excellent opportunity to “crawl” into the closets of the most stylish people, and snatch the best items with the most attractive prices.

Want to go for it with the most chic items at the best prices?

Are you the undisputed king of sales? Thought you would never be one of those women that have two Michael Kors bags in their closet? Do you want to dress your child like the coolest kid in town, but his size changes every month and you’ve run out of budget? Looks like MINE is the ideal fashion site for you.

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Want to make room in your closet and make money out of it?

What do you think about collecting all the unused clothes in your closet and turning them into rustling cash that will upgrade your monthly income?
Without dealing with deliveries. Without payment delays. Without wasting energy on customer service or complaints – here is where we come into the picture. Your items are sent to us, the money is sent to you, and that’s all!

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